Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download
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Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download

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Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free DownloadQuantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download. Download Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free with High Speed Downloading. SD Movies Point.

Season Overview

Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download Alex Parrish, a promising FBI recruit, became a prime suspect following a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Alex was taken into custody, where she found out that she had been charged with the terrorist attack on Grand Central. Her initial escape was orchestrated by Deputy Director Miranda Shaw, her primary instructor at Quantico, who refused to believe that she was guilty. Flashbacks showed her and fellow agents’ training at the Quantico Academy. Alex met Ryan Booth on her way to the Academy. Booth was later revealed to have been ordered by Liam O’Connor, former partner/friend of Alex’s father, to spy on Alex. While living at the Academy, she learned of her father’s double agent identity. She became friends with Shelby Wyatt and other recruits.

Alex was able to prove her innocence in the New York bombing with the help of classmates from Quantico. She discovered that the suspected bomber was former FBI analyst-trainee Elias Harper, who had planted the bomb under the instruction of a mastermind terrorist. Having cleared her name in a congressional hearing, Parrish was reinstated as an FBI agent and assigned to the field office in New York. In the operations section, she works to learn who is the true mastermind behind the bombings, as the 2016 Presidential election looms closer.

Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download
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Quantico Season 1 Full HD Free Download

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